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UNIP University is a student-centered learning community. Guided by me and our professional staff. We wish to promote not only school competence, but also instill the trilingual ability of students in English, Spanish and Chinese languages. We offer a multilingual living and learning environment to meet the needs of the world in which we live. We welcome you to our “NEW” Managua campus.


our team


Edgard Mena

General Secretary


Belén Zhuang

International Secretary

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our teachers

Venkata krishnan, Kamesh

Ph.D. Medical Biochemistry

Hsieh, ChinChi

Master of Philosophy
Master of Natural Healing Sciences

Lin, ChuanHui

Master of Leisure and Sports Management

Tsai, ShiWei

Ph.D. Traditional Chinese Medicine

Lin, JiaFa

Ph.D. Life Sciences

Wang, ShihFeng

Ph.D. Management Sciences

Cheng, YinYin

Master of Nursing

Liu, JiFeng

Ph.D. Medicine

Wu, ShyJong

Ph.D. Physiology

Wu, YiLing

Master of Arts Design

Lee, HengChang


Lin, Franco

Kuo, HuiKu

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Hsu, PoYi

Zhou, ZhiZhong

Chou, TzChong

Ph.D. Life Sciences


Wu, YiLing

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