How often do you make mistakes when you are doing something which you have mastered? When was the last time you fell down while walking? When was the last time you stabbed yourself in the face with a fork while trying to eat?

Excluding times of severe inebriation, most of us mastered those skills many years ago. We rarely make a mistake while walking or eating. We rarely make mistakes doing tasks or things which we have tried enough times to have mastered. And that’s what this quote is about.

If all you ever do are things you have already mastered, you will rarely, if ever, make mistakes. But that’s going to be a very boring life to live, won’t it? We make the most mistakes when we try something new. The less like anything else we’ve tried, the more likely we are to make mistakes.

What about the areas where you still make a lot of mistakes? Are you learning from each mistake, or are you just making the same mistake over and over again? I try not to do that, as I am easily bored. What can you try that would be a little different, and hopefully get you a better result? What can you learn from your last attempt? And the one before it?